Maine Battle Tanks

Currently Maine Battle Tanks is running an Indiegogo campaign to get off the ground. The link for our project is I am asking for your help in making this business a reality.

In Maine tourism drives our economy, I know that this would add to the diverse attractions we have in this state. Our goal is $55,000 USD. We are looking sponsers to feature on our site as well as to advertise your business on our tank. This is the ground floor for that so if your interested let me know, you can contact me here

Would you like to drive a Tank!?

The goal is set at $55000 USD. Seems pretty big. But it really isn't. I need 2200 people to donate just $25 to reach the goal. Why so much? Will the tank i am looking at because it is the cheapest I could find available is 20,000 and shipping is another 20,000. I also will need money for advertising, safety features, employees. I am doing this Indiegogo project for a couple of reasons. I am looking for a shot to make something for the state i am in. Maine is a beautiful state but many of our jobs are being shipped out of the area. The one industry that thrives here is tourism.

I have goals for the company that are pretty simple and I don't mind sharing some of the goals.

I would like to build a World War museum that would include tanks planes and other weapons. This would be a future goal because the cost for setting this up is large.

I would like to have an education center about the battles and tactics. This would be classes taught by veterans.

A gun range to show off some of the weapons.

To make these goals happen I need you to be my voice.
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Short Summary

When you were a kid, did you ever play in the sand, or with cars and trucks? I know I did. Today the kids play with computers and virtual cars and trucks. As an adult I still love the idea of playing in the mud with cars and trucks. I came up with the idea playing on of my favorite games World of Tanks. I thought, “This would be cool to do in real life.”

Would you like to drive this?

I know I would. This is just one tank that I am looking at but others are



What We Need & What You Get

The goal is $55,000 USD. This will allow us to purchase the land and first tank in a line of many. With the money from this campaign, we will use it to help finance the land and the tanks.

The perk list

$1-Thank You Every dollar helps; this adds you to our emailing list for updates. 

$10 5 by 5 I - I can hear you loud and clear. Thank you. 5 from this goes to my project and the other goes to Operation Home Front + a 10% discount on tank time.

$10 5 by 5 II - I can hear you loud and clear. Thank you. 5 from this goes to my project and the other goes to Operation Home Front + a 10% discount on tank time.$

$25 - Handmade tank slippers (20 available)

$25 - A $50 account credit + 10% off Tank Time

$35 - A $50 account credit + 10% off Tank Time + $5 each to Wounded Warriors And Operation Home Front.

$125 - First Come First Serve

$150 - Standard Tank Time

$300 - Quad Tank Time

$750 - Tank time and double car (4 available)

2000 - Car crush event driver crush 8 cars (2 available on August 30th)

The Slippers pattern done by Miligurumis

The Impact

We as a business want to support our troops. We will be education the public about military life. Will also hold fund raisers to help with projects like Wounded Warrior or Operation Home Front.

A note to our troops we salute those of you that are serving and have served your efforts and sacrifice have not gone unnoticed.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t help with money, that’s okay you can help in other ways. Get the word out. Advertising is expensive but word of mouth is free. You can share on Facebook Twitter Google+ or other social networks. Talk about it with friends and family. Please also click the follow but to be advised on updates.

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